Saturday, January 19, 2013


Red Leaf Tea You are talking about times when having a weapon was necessary to survive and fight against foreign enemy. When was the last time England tried to invade your family? Want to shoot people, go to Irak. The problem is that every idiot has a right to have a gun, and than you are all surprised when children get killed at schools. How many parents of the children had guns? Did it really helped them to protect the family?! -- Nicole Schwartz every idiot does not have the right, every gun purchase requires a background check. -- Other The ignorance is astounding. The worst mistake a business can make is voicing political opinions with little knowledge. This gun owning, military wife is starting to rethink future purchases. -- Other And it's Iraq not Irak. -- Red Leaf Tea I don't have a need to own a gun. I have faith that our military will protect us. Don't you? -- Other Our military is only a small percentage of of our population. As the wife of a member of our military I do feel safe, but no I do not believe it's feasible to say we're all going to be safe if something were to happen. As well, it's not the job of the military to police the streets, it's to protect our country. When it comes down to it, we're all responsible for protecting ourselves. I know my house will be safe. -- Nicole Schwartz A few items: Criminals by definition do not follow laws. New and old laws will not stop them. The courts have ruled that cops are available for law enforcement, not protection of people, there are not enough of them. Soldiers are also not for protection of self. they protect the country from other countries or threats or help after disasters. I have the right to life and liberty and can protect myself from others who wish to take that away. I choose a gun as I am not physically fit and it makes me equal to most threats against me. I hope NEVER to have to use my guns, but I have them. Also note: laws that prohibit things rarely work, see: prohibition, war on drugs, gun free zones. Gun free zones are victim zones. The movie theater was gun free, the school was gun free. People are now printing magazines at home that hold greater than 10 bullets, greater than 30. Laws may be passed to stop this, but see point 1 - criminals don't follow laws, so then criminals will have greater firepower and I will not because I follow the laws. Have you not seen the recent news stories about young children who protected their home from people trying to break in? It is the intent of the person, not the tool. Also note England with it's gun ban still has gun crime, violent crime, murder. Criminals have switched to explosive devices that are *more* deadly than mass shootings. would you prefer we get never gassed / bombed more often? -- Red Leaf Tea I think we can all agree that there is no perfect solution to this issue. Neither banning guns for all nor allowing anyone to get a gun will fix this issue. There are laws trying to limit access to guns for some people, but clearly they don’t work. I really don’t mind having responsible people own any kind of a weapon, but it’s the other kind that concerns me. There are parents that own a gun at home, and when their child has a very bad day at school, may decide to use it. It has happen. There are greedy people that will sell guns to anyone with money. The guy that shot his mother and bunch of school kids, after he killed himself, was official declared mentally incompetent. Unfortunately that has happened AFTER it was all done. As a father of a new baby girl and never a victim of crime involving a weapon, my main concern is for my daughter, that I cannot protect 24/7. Perhaps I’m focusing more on this part of crime. Yes, criminals will always find a way to get guns. But if banning guns all together will limit access for some from the irresponsible group, I don’t mind releasing the right to own a gun. Is it a perfect solution- I’m not sure. I’m not even sure if it’s a good one. What I love about this country is that each one of us can speak up their mind and there is always room for few more ideas. We may not agree on a solution, but if we argue, at least it means that we care and try to make it better for all of us. It’s much better than not caring at all, but then again, it’s just my opinion, which does not mean it’s a right one. -- Other The problem with opinions is that everyone has that and if you aren't sure what you're saying it's best not to say a word. I also have a daughter, a school age daughter. My owning guns cannot protect her while she is not home, but I sleep a little easier at night knowing that if something were to happen to us I am fully capable of protecting her and my household when my husband is not home. -- Red Leaf Tea I know what I think, and what I know, but as open minded person, at least I acknowledge the fact that I may not always be right. -- Other Oh, I know I'm not always right. Would never say I was. Imperfections should be embraced. -- Nicole Schwartz I wish prohibition worked and your belief that it would make it harder for not law abiding persons was true, but through enough examples in countries and history i believe it is not the case, so i refuse to give up more right than we already have, and lament the patriot act, warantless wiretapping and indefinite detention. i will not give an inch if i can help it as they do take a mile. There are plenty of laws, which you are correct didn't help (you said so yourself) so why add more that also won't help, why not find where the last law went wrong (legally no one deemed a danger to self, others, accused of violent acts or stalking or abuse of children may own a gun) are the reporting laws unclear? did mental professionals not know how to properly report? why not fix that law that exists so it works as intended and obviously didn't (let's get rid of social stigma around mental health, let's provide more money, make clear the inexpensive care that is available, i am sure there is more). also the man who shot the firefighter used a straw purchase as he was not legally allowed to own guns, the girl who sold it is only going to prison, why not also include her in the manslaughter charges? let's fix the straw purchase law too. Why did the shooter get so much air time on TV, why was he a celebrity? why do we glorify violence? why don't we all rise up against that and tell the media no more, would that not help discourage people seeking fame? why don't we teach better conflict resolution skills in school? why instead does so much come to violence like bullying? there is so much we can do across the board and the focus on the issue of only guns isn't going to help. let us certainly look at guns and improve the laws that failed. let us also look at mental health, violence acceptance, conflict resolution, poverty and other things. I would also like to note all recent gun crimes have occurred in states with the MOST gun laws, obviously those current laws didn't help and i believe though well intentioned more will also not help. we both have our opinions but i trust we both want criminals in jail, all persons safe from harm, and no accidental deaths for anyone, and protection of loved ones in whatever form (deterrents like laws and more). I also wish people could bring up points i have not heard before so i could research and learn more, but no one has, which tells me it is the same sad argument and few people are progressing in their argument which means both sides are losing. we need to progress and learn and make this a better place to live, but too many people are accepting the feel good things being done and not pushing for more thought and review.

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